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Ultimate BBQ Side Cart/Table

We chose the Pit Boss Sportsman 1230 because we had limited outdoor space. As such I needed work space and storage that addressed that same issue. On top of that, that we live in a house that is 140 years old. It's one of the oldest homes in all of Montana and no two surfaces inside or out seem to be on the same plane. So a single unit wouldn't fit the bill. I needed one unit to fill the corner and another to be my right... um, left hand man as it were.

The solution for my left side storage and work surface was easy... mostly because I already had one of them setting, unused, in my workshop. This is the Craftsman 2000 26" wide 5 Drawer Cart or more commonly referred to as the CMST22752RB. As a tool cabinet these things are terrible. I'm sorry, just being honest. I grew up on Craftsman and that red and black still gives me warm, fuzzy, feelings inside but this ain't your grandfather's tool box. Thin sheet metal, poor fitted parts and sheet metal screws rather than bolts to hold it all together. Terrible tool box but a pretty great BBQ workstation! BBQ utensils hang from metal hooks. Two Thyme & Table Acacia cutting boards on the top (fills up the top except for 2"). And just check out the storage!

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