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Our Home BBQ - Grill - Smoker

I grew up in the Midwest and there "BBQ: really meant grilling. Now in my 50's I want to do a bit more. I'm not one of these guys who are smoking up 5 briskets a week but I do want to do a pork shoulder from time to time. At the same time I want a solution that is quick and easy if all I want to do is grill up some burgers and dogs. The only problem is that our space for outdoor cooking is limited. So when Pit Boss contacted us and said they wanted to send us their Sportsman 1230 I knew immediately they understood my problem.

It has taken me some time to get into the world of Pellet Grills but I have to say I'm hooked. Sure some hard core types might try and turn up their noses, but when done right you can get just as much smoke as the big smokers but you can also do so much more and on top of that it is so much easier and reliable. There is a reason more and more competition teams are switching to pellet grills.

Turkey, Elk, Pork Loin, Grass Fed T-Bone, and a Bison Ribeye... oh, with Scallops. All of them smoked and seared to perfection. And when I just need something quick I can fire up the gas side to some burgers, hot dogs or better yet some brats.

Pit Boss has other options as well. Full size pellet grills, vertical smokers, and portable grills and griddles.

Oh and don't forget to cover your investment! If you want the name brand, color matched solution you can go with this one from Pit Boss. Or for half the price you can get a basic cover that is still specifically designed for this grill, Here!

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