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Price War Launched!

Harbor Freight came out firing with their new lines of tools aimed squarely at the professional and leading that charge is the Hercules Brand. Two months ago the new Table Saw dropped and DeWALT had finally had enough of losing ground to HF so they dropped the price on their core pro saw, the DWE7480. It hit $350 w/stand. HF immediately put out a coupon for their new sale at $299. DeWALT came back, dropping the stand and coming in at $299 as well. And just when we thought the shooting was over BOOM, HF with a sucker punch, straight into every DW fanboy's gut. The Herc saw is now a staggering $250! Now if you compare real-world pricing the DW does come with a 3-year warranty but their poor service record and the fact that most people will have to ship the saw off to a service center really cuts into that perceived value. So to compete with that you would need to purchase HF's 2 year replacement plan for $49.99. That puts these saws at dead even. BUT... the DW ships with a pretty junky 24 tooth blade that is only useful for ripping framing grade lumber. The Herc ships with a 40 tooth, laser cut blade that is on par with the likes of Diablo and Irwin. So to get the DW up to snuff you now have to add $30. So your choice is DW, with a killer fence system but an almost worthless warranty for $30 more than the HF with a good, all-around system and one of the best warranties in the biz. Well, I think the choice will come down to what you need and how you use it but in the end, the real winner is clear... The Consumer wins this round!

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