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New Pro Grade Power Tools!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

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Uhhhhh Hugh , And Emrils got a "Pro Grade Oven" he wants to sell you too! Ill believe it when I see it!( and tear one apart.) I'm pretty sure Lowes is gonna have to compete with the Rigid line across the street and that means one thing , Price! Cheapen her up boys ! Who knows they may have another strategy but we will see. Flex never really took off in the USA for over 20yrs so I think this is a whole new thing! For both companies! Lowes will dictate the price, Price will dictate the quality, Its that simple.


Summer in Las Vegas and Winter in Livingston? This winter has been great in the Billings area though. Must take issue with you on one point. Harbor Freight's Bauer brand is the best corded and cordless tools I have ever owned. The Hercules is way, way overrated, but, the Bauer is the "Average Joe" tool system. I use them all extensively and sometimes rather roughly. I have never had one single failure of any part or system. The cordless, 90-degree Bauer drill rip your arm off if you're not holding it correctly.

Do you think Bauer will be coming out with a decent-quality 10-inch table saw? Hope springs eternal!

You're doing a great job. Shine on!


Price may make the difference,if your already into one line with lots of batteries and chargers,may not want to drop everything to make a might be good tool ..change.

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I have 6 batteries, 5 tools and 2 chargers, all Kobalt. I have an 18g air powered nail gun, but it's losing it's chooch, and is going to have to be replaced in the (hopefully distant) future. My compressor is more than capable of driving it, but it's just not working as well as it used to. If Flex releases an 18g nail gun before Kobalt does, I'm not going to wait, I'll buy it, and then maybe a little bit of both brands afterwards.....or jump ship....who knows???? I'll cross that bridge when the time comes.


As much as I love my Kobalt power tools, if Flex releases an 18g nail gun before Kobalt does........I might be jumping ship.

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