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Mobile Tool Base, w/o Wheels???

One of the biggest issue anyone with a shop faces is how to get as many tools as they can into the space they have. No matter how big a space it seems at first, tool guys always find a way to fill it up. The best solution to this problem is to make your tools mobile. Park them in a corner and wheel them out as needed. But if you are on a budget, buying high-end mobile base platforms might not be realistic. Even if you are not on a budget it does seem a bit of a waste to blow $60 on every tool just for wheels. So after much thought and consideration, DaBEAR has finally solved this age old problem. We present to you the first mobile base, sans wheels.

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Hi @daBear - How did you attach the saw to the table? I can get 2 screws into the back of the Hercules saw base, but I'm struggling to find a way to get screws into the front.


Jeff I made mobile 3 mobile bases last summer. I also don't have a lot of room. My solution was to put wheels on one side only and blocks of wood with on the rubber bottom on the other side. I also put a handle on the end opposite the wheels. When I need to move them I lift up on the handle very little and move them around my shop. I was worried with four wheels that it might wobble or not stay in place. With just two wheels they are rock solid. I used cheap 1 5/8" swivels wheels from Harbor Freight. I paid a $1.99 for each one. If I make any more I will use…

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