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Lowes (Kobalt) Receipt

Warning, this is a high res pic. The only thing redacted is the last 4 of the credit card. I used a Lowes credit card to pay for this and that is why you see the additional few bucks taken off of each purchase. I am posting this by request. Lowes is not obligated to honor this price. This was NOT an advertised price. This is a story by store clearance. I'll also post a link below to my google drive so you can download a high res version. I've also included some other pics from the store.

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I wanted to share with the Bear my appreciation for the heads up on the "Unicorn Toolbox" Deals at Lows. It was quite the pain as expected as I looked as several being directed here and there, but ended up at one in Dallas where over the phone they said they had top and bottom of the Kobalt 3000 series 41-in W x 37.5-in H 8 Drawer rolling tool cabinet in black. I drove an hr to get there, paid, almost loaded it up and verified they tried to give me the 6 drawer smaller one, Grrrr said this Bear, made them find the right one and they said they did not have any, 3 staff went to search the…

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