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Home Depot Just Dropped this 100yr Old Made in USA Brand!

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Joseph Cebelinski
Joseph Cebelinski
01. März 2023

Vaughan has an excellet selection of wood and fiberglass handled hammers. Their all steel had

a wooden plug in the head to reduce shock. When sears was up and running the craftsman hammers were made by vaughan...they were beautiful. I have a steel and fiberglass one that I

am keeping unused for memories sake.

I called Estwing and they are trying to get into Menards who sells Vaughan. Two points: first there

are 335 menards and over 2000 Home depot stores, and second...Menards still sells vaughan wood and fiberglass handled hammers. The steel vaughans have been "missing" for months. Both companies have had a difficult time keeping people employed... That is a separate topic...but

I try to buy made in…

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