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Budget Ratchet Roundup

We rounded up the 10 best-known budget ratchets then we put them to the test. Fit and finish, tooth count, socket retention and more! We even cut them in half that put them under the microscope just to see what they are made out of. We tested ratchets from Lowes, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, Autozone, Napa, Walmart, O'reilly's and more!

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Apr 26, 2019

Hello Bear... In relation to testing pawl or tooth strength. I believe a good method would be to secure the head in a vice and put a long metal pipe over the end of the handle pointed at a 45 degree arc towards the sky. The end of the pipe should have a hole with a cable & hanger attached to it. You can then start to add bench weights that are used at the gym until the ratchet fails. The YouTube channel Project Farm uses this method often but to test other types of weight things can handle. Example:


Hey Bear, have you taken a look at Tekton's ratchet? It's 90 teeth instead of 72 but it fits all your other requirements. Their website has nice amount of information on it including the internal parts displayed.

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