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Due to Amazon's AWS system being down today the links are BIG and can not be posted to Youtube. That is why you were directed here.

Skil 12V Drill/Impact Combo:

Skil 12V Drill/Recip Combo:

Skil 12V Drill/Multitool Combo:

Skil 12V Impact:

Skil 12V Drill:

Skil 12V Hammer Drill:

Skil 12V 4 Tool Combo:

Skil 20V Circ Saw:

Skil 20V Drill/Impact Brushless:

Skil 20V Impact/Hammer Drill:

Gerber Multitool:

Magnetic Pickup Kit:

Universal Socket:

Crescent 180pc Tool Kit:

Extractor Bit Set:

Cranch multitool:

CJRB Knife:


GearWrench 20pc Ratcheting Wrench Set:

SATA Screwdriver:

Spec Ops Pry Bar:

Engineer PZ 58 Pliers:

Gearwrench screwdrivers:

Wera Micro Screwdriver Kit:

Estwing 4lb Sledge:

Casoman 9pc extention set:

Vontox Chisel Set:

Crescent 19" Nailpuller:

*Amazon Affiliate links... well maybe, depending on how their server is working today.

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