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Amazon Links*

Due to Amazon's AWS system being down today the links are BIG and can not be posted to Youtube. That is why you were directed here.

*Amazon Affiliate links... well maybe, depending on how their server is working today.

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Tim Giblin
Tim Giblin
10 дек. 2021 г.

Hey red, I had another facebook page nuked. So I created one just to talk tools with can I get you to let me on the page please? I know it looks like a junk account, that's because it IS a junk account. (previous one got nuked cause I posted a link in a question to not sure why something about it didn't like me asking about 40v 10" circular saws dunno maybe it thought it was gun code) I know you banned me cause my page looked suspect when I applied but I really have enjoyed that page on my other names Side note used the makita hack today to buy a router for a job tomorrow so…

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